Affordable 1.5 Story House Plans With Loft Design

1.5 Story House Plans With Loft

You might be looking for a space that can accommodate a family of four or a group of friends who want to host parties and celebrations. The 1.5 story house plans with loft design will allow you to do so. The loft is a great space for storage, and it can make an under-utilized second floor of a house very functional.

It is a great addition to the home and is often used to add additional space to a house. Loft designs can be created in many different styles, and they can be used in all kinds of home renovations, such as guest rooms, master bedrooms, and more. It has areas for indoor and outdoor entertaining, and of course, it has bedrooms and bathrooms for you and your family.

What are 1.5 Story House Plans With Loft?



The traditional 1-story house plan is great for many, but many people prefer loft homes. Now there are many plan options for loft homes. If you love the look of loft homes but don't want to sacrifice space, the 1.5 Story House Plans with Loft option will let you have your loft without the extra floor space. This is a great solution for many people since many find two stories too large.

These loft-style designs are designed to create the look of an open-concept space by using tall ceilings and tall floor-to-ceiling windows. The tall ceilings are best suited for rooms that will be used for recreation or entertaining, while the tall floor-to-ceiling windows are best suited for rooms where natural light can be utilized. ​So the 1.5 story home plan is perfect for you.

Small 1.5 Story House Plans With Loft Design Ideas



Small 1.5-story house plans give homeowners the best of both single and double-story homes. This home has very few second-floor living areas. The remainder is a one-story. This home design maximizes square footage while reducing construction costs. These plans combine extra living space with classic design and roofing to create a high-quality home that is affordable.

You can add bedrooms to this story or make it aloft. These layouts usually include a master bedroom on the main floor and a living area on the ground floor. The main level has an open floor plan layout.

A small 1.5-story house plan's unique construction is what makes it so special. High ceilings in the Master bedroom and living rooms create an airy and open feeling. These rooms have ceilings that can reach as high as 10-12 feet. Some are vaulted. These rooms have a spacious, elegant appearance.

A full or partial bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, and sometimes gaming or utility areas are all part of the main level. The home's tall ceilings are located in the rear. However, they can slope towards the center giving it the appearance of being a 2-story home.

The upper floor can be used for bedrooms, bathrooms, or office space. This area is ideal for guests and children. This home plan is great for families who are looking to purchase a home. It has a smaller area than the first.

Choosing Contemporary 1.5 Story House Plans to Build



The most popular contemporary house plans are the 1.5 story designs. They are essentially a larger version of the more common 1/2 story single-family house. The larger size is ideal for family living since the large living area affords guests ample space for entertaining. At the same time, the separate kitchen and eating area can also provide convenient meal prep.

A 1.5 story home is the ideal size for the modern family since there are ample living spaces for all family members. Choosing contemporary 1.5 story house plans to build is not as easy as it may sound at first glance. There are many things that one needs to consider before settling on a design.

These Things are Easily Sorted Into Four Major Categories:


1) The exterior elements of the home,

2) The interior elements of the home,

3) The development of the site,

 4) The cost of building a new home.


Find Small 1.5 Story House Plans For Your Budget



Small 1.5-story house plans are cheap and easy to make. These little home plans embody outside living areas, versatile areas, and enormous windows. Smaller dwellings are usually cheaper to make and easier to keep up with than larger ones. They conjointly tend to be a lot environmentally friendly. There are several little house styles, from Craftsman-style plans to cozy cottages. As you browse the gathering below, you may notice some little house plans with footage.

Footage will facilitate home set up shoppers visualize what the house can seem like once construction is complete, though note that some photos could show changed styles (most floor plans are often customized!). So, make sure to examine the plans rigorously. Whether or not you are looking for a luxury house set up or an easy layout good for a country retreat, you are guaranteed to notice a tiny low house setup style that speaks to you within the assortment below. Conjointly explore our collections of the little 1.5 story plans, little four-room plans, and little house plans with a garage.

How to Build a 3-Bedroom Story And a Half House Plans



Do you want to build a 3 bedroom story and a half-house plan? Building a 3 bedroom story and a half-house plan is one of the best ways to earn money. One of the first things people think about when building a three-bedroom story and a half-house plan is what type of roof to use. There are many different roof types to pick from, each with different benefits. The most popular roof types are the gable roof, shed roof, flat roof, hip roof, and dormer roof.

A 3 bedroom house in a great starter home for many families. It will give you plenty of room to grow, and you can turn it into whatever type of house you like later on if you decide. It is possible to build a three-bedroom. If you want to know bedroom house plans please visit our similar blogs 7 bedroom house plans and 5 bedroom lake house plans.

However, you need to follow certain steps,

1. Calculate the size of the lot

2. Calculate the size of the house you want to build

3. Calculate the amount of money you'll need for the house if you don't already know

4. The cost of materials needed

5. The cost of labor needed

6. The cost to build the house

7. The estimated time to build the house

How to Design a 1.5 Story Farmhouse Plans



These floor plans are well-designed and offer ample storage space or additional living areas. This unique combination of two homes, full or one-level, features spacious living and sleeping areas on the main level, dramatic skyscrapers, open lofts, and bonus/expansion space overlooking the main floors.

The main level of 1.5-story farmhouse plans is considerably larger than the upper. This allows the family to have plenty of space for living and relaxing, and also gives them the opportunity to design functional and meaningful spaces. The majority of the rooms are located on the main floor. This floor allows for open windows and vaulted ceilings.

You can create private bedrooms without having to have overhead traffic. You can adapt the 1.5-story home to allow for aging in place, but still, have enough space for overnight guests and long-term visitors. Two examples of unique 1.5-story homes are Cape Cod and country homes. Homes with personality and flair are created by the addition of dormers, creative nooks, and multi-purpose rooms on their upper levels.

1.5 Story House Plans With Wrap Around Porch



A wrap-around porch is a great way to add extra living space to your home. It's a space that's open to the outdoors that provides a great view and a great place for you and your family or friends to gather. There are many different wrap-around porches to choose from, but the most popular is the two-story house plan.

You can have a good life in a smaller house. This is the case of the 1.5 story house plans with wrap around porch. A 1.5 story home with wrap around porch is great for people with small children. It is also great for people who want to do a lot of entertaining or have a big family. It is also good for people who want to have a good amount of space for their furniture.

A wrap-around porch can be very useful for people who love to have some outside space to sit outside. The 1.5 story house plans with wrap-around porch are the most popular types right now. For the most part, buyers want the extra space because it makes for an easier transition to their new home.


In conclusion, as you can see from the house plans Archimple, there are affordable 1.5 story house plans with loft designs that offer plenty of space for today's lifestyle. Incorporating a loft can be a great way to make the most of the square footage and make it feel more spacious, especially if there's a narrow lot and a low ceiling. Knowing the loft style and the other options available for a 1.5 story house can help you make the right choice.                               

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2022

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