Differentiating 1 Story VS 2 Story House Cost

1 Story VS 2 Story House Cost

Planning the perfect house involves a lot of matters. And one pretty understandable dilemma could be choosing between a one-story and a two-story house. Now some may want to keep the idea of how the whole thing would look like the main deciding factor. However, the majority would focus more on the most part. So, to make your confusions be a little less painful here’s our thoughts on 1 story vs 2 story house cost.

Here’s the Whole 1 Story VS 2 Story House Cost Thing

There is various factors to talk about when it comes to understanding the overall cost of building a one-story or two-story building. Below we will be deeply discussing those factors for better visioning.

Simple Calculation of Property Size

Story VS 2 Story House Cost

The one-story and two stories houses cost are based on the property size. In fact, you want to think about the home and yard size both to understand the cost and efficiency of both story houses.

Once you have decided how big your house and yard size you prefer makes sure to calculate the property size with the price. Amazingly, two stories are less costly than one-story houses. This thing shows the one-story will use up more than your budget when building a home, unlike 2 stories.

While planning a one-story house design, this thing will allow you a larger footprint and roof layout that makes sure good finishing after spending bigger costs. Besides, a single-story house will cost more when building the outside layout.

In contrast, the two stories houses make use of the plot decently as you are going to add an extra room on the upper side. For that reason, they are good in value.

This thing also makes sure using the property better with a bigger yard and home size benefits. Unlike the single-story home, the 2 stories focus on the multi-level with less cost by adding dormers or gables.

Besides, both one-story and two stories houses have similar costs on the drywall, cabinets, flooring, paint, frames, and other stuff too.

Ultimately, selecting a story is your choice based on your family size and design to build your home at a good cost. Both one-story and two stories houses can be good if you build them rightly with experts assist.

Cost of Security Facts

The cost of one-story and two stories vary when it comes to the security facts. You see, the overall cost of both houses can be defined perfectly if you consider everything evenly.

For that, you want to check the little things that are linked to the cost of a house just like security. Security means the house windows and open areas strong guard against thieves.

Two-story houses usually come with good security. As you will get multi-level home in 2 stories, they allow you to open your windows with no fear of theft. This thing saves your house additional cost to stay balance, unlike others.

On the other side, the one-story houses designed close to the ground which makes them riskier as thieves will able to get into your house if you open windows. With this hitch, you have to spend more money to create strong security.

Even though two stories have better anti-thief protection, the one-story houses stand great if you add some security devices by spending a good amount of money to live peacefully.

Think About Maintenance Cost

Another vital thing that makes the cost of one-story and two-story houses dissimilarity is the maintenance cost. There is a great chance of bigger maintenance costs if your house is big.

To tell you clearly, the two stories houses has double foundation and flooring set up that makes them look good but has a negative point when it comes to cleaning and electricity bills, etc. You also have to look at the heating and AC bills that count as the maintenance cost of your house.

Conversely, if looking at the one-story houses, this house comes with one level of flooring and foundation that gives profit for maintenance costs. In one story houses, you can save electricity bills, heating, AC, and water bills. You also have good benefits for cleaning.

The one-story houses are designed in the same level that allows you to clean easily without running up to the downside. Also, smaller houses will allow you to save energy to care both inside and outside areas.

Cost of Space Benefits

If comparing the one-story and two-story house costs, many people believe the bigger space will cost them more. Yet, a bigger space allows you to rent one part for better benefits.

When it comes to two-story houses, you will find better spaces and good advantages by adding significantly to building costs. This thing also allows you to expand your house shape after some time.

It will support your future plans by reducing construction costs. Not only that but also the two stories houses can be rent or sell at a higher price if you have good spaces.

Then again, the single-story houses tend to offer enough space for you to have a fixed property. Unlike the two stories houses, the single-story doesn’t offer good profit to add value to your house.  Yet, you can add the living space if the design and finish are strong.

Wrap Up

And that was our insight on this 1 story vs 2 story house cost matter. After having a clear vision, you should be able to decide on your preferable type and option to go for. However, if you are still not sure about making this decision, a consultation with one of our experts can be your wisest choice. Archimple will make your dream home come true where you’ll live with your loved ones without any regrets.

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Last Updated: Jan 27, 2021

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