A Complete Assessment of Architectural Styles for Better Understanding

A Complete Assessment of Architectural Styles

Finding The best architectural style that will match your preference and expectations of your future home is not a job you should take less seriously. It’s one key thought one should be pondering on for a good amount of time.

And before that decision-making of what architectural style will work well with your dream house visualization, you need to know more about some popular ones. That’s why we are here to work on a complete assessment of architectural styles that more people love nowadays for homemaking.

Here's A Complete Assessment of Architectural Styles That You Might Be Interested In


A Complete Assessment of Architectural Styles for Better Understanding


Let’s keep things sorted and simple by talking about each style that we want to highlight today separately. Keep on Reading!


The most common house style in the 1600s era was colonial, which was loved by nearly all-American people. This type of house style appears with an eye-catching design with noticeable surroundings. The colonial house also has a traditional vibe.

Not only that, but also this type of home comes with a square shape house design with front dormers, gables, and solid roofs to protect you from critical weather. The most striking part of the colonial house style is the door with beautiful wood and glass frames.

Besides, the window decor and outside environments make the colonial best to give you a home-like feel. The colonial home style also has lovely lines and decorations.


The cottage is another well-known house style from the early 19th century of USA history. This house style mostly has a good blend of a traditional and modern vibe. The cottage is designed in a small space and modernized. Yet, not all cottage houses are small.

And the cottage house is designed with a big stone or brick chimney with a steeply pitched roof and cross gables that have both beauty and value. You will see good decors on the front side. This type of architecture style also has small panned frames with glass windows.  

In the cottage home style, you will mostly find the door on the front side. This type of architectural style is only done by professional architects. You can try out our services which have many positive reactions.


More than 100 years of famous house style that has lasting beauty and value is the craftsman. This architectural style is quite easily recognizable for its common aspects and look.

Unlike others, the craftsman home appears with flat lines and a triangle gable with a great roof. This type of architectural style also comes with uncovered beams and rafters. The craftsman home on top has a strong exterior with wood, brick, and tiles to give a good look.

On top of that, the craftsman home style comes with windows in any shape or size. This type of house style also has stairs with a walkable design so that you can find a path easily.


The farmhouse architectural style is quite popular for its specific decor. This type of house is mostly firstly used by the 1700s and 1800s era American peoples.

Mostly architects in farm or agricultural areas, the farmhouse comes with amazing functionality. This house also has a good space for you and your family to live better. The farmhouse on top is made of wood, brick, and some decorative elements to make it look good.

This type of house comes with larger fireplaces, roofing, and simple flooring to look traditional yet modern. Most of the time, the farmhouse is painted white color.

To create a farmhouse house style, you need professional architects' help. We suggest using our services for dependable and accurate home styles.


The ranch house probably comes with 1 story home with an exposed design. This home style is shaped in either L or U. The ranch house style has been well-known since the 20th century for its casual look.

Mostly used in the USA, the ranch house style is decorated with beautiful ornaments outside. Also, this architectural style has great ground flooring that gives you a good living place.

The ranch home style on top has gruff roofs with great lines and curves. This house also has a big garage and windows that increase value and beauty. Besides, the door of the ranch home style is made of glass and wood.


The contemporary architectural style is made of wood, brick, and other elements to make them look strong and beautiful. The contemporary home style is famous in the 21st century.

Quite the opposite of the modern home style, the contemporary house is focused on the color, shape, and overall look of the building.

This type of home is mostly decorated with big glass windows and doors to make them look unique. And the contemporary home style can have a flat or shallow roof.

Wrap Up

We hope our approach of telling you about the whole point through a complete assessment of architectural styles will be helpful.

Now, the architectural styles mentioned above can only be done and better implemented by an expert who has dealt with such styles previously. When looking for some advice on picking the best architectural style, Archimple is going to serve you just right since we have some unbeatable offerings here.

Do you want to know the reason behind such a claim? Because we know our best-in-class architect services, design, and home plans will satisfy you. Since these are done by skillful architects who fulfill requirements precisely for creating your house just the way you wanted.

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2022

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