Bungalow Vs Craftsman House- What's Your Own Choice?

Bungalow Vs Craftsman

It is difficult to say which style is better, Bungalow Vs Craftsman. It depends on what you are looking for in a home. If you want something with a lot of character and charm, then a bungalow is probably a better choice. If you are looking for a more modern home with clean lines and a simple layout, then a Craftsman-style home is probably a better choice.

Now when you get caught in-between the difficulty of picking one with Bungalow VS craftsman house, things become really perplexing. Why not go through both of the home styles a bit more deeply, find out about the interesting details, and see for yourself which one impresses with beauty and better living space offerings. Keep on Reading…

Bungalow Vs Craftsman Which Is Best For You?

There are many different home styles to choose from, and it can be tough to decide which one is best for you. If you're stuck between two popular styles – bungalow and Craftsman – here's a breakdown of each to help you decide.

Bungalows are typically one-story homes with a low-pitched roof and wide eaves. They often have a porch or veranda and are known for their cozy, comfortable feel. On the other hand, Craftsman homes are two-story homes with a more rugged look. They often have exposed beams and rafters, and columns typically support their porches.

So, which style is best for you? It depends on your personal preferences. If you're looking for a cozy, inviting home, a bungalow might be the way to go. If you prefer a more rugged look or need the extra space that a two-story home offers, then a Craftsman might be a better fit. Ultimately, the best way to decide is to look at homes in both styles and see which one you're most drawn to.

Here’s a Complete Comparison Breakdown of Bungalow Vs Craftsman House

Let’s divide the whole matter into a few segments, talk through them and come to a conclusion of truly which one is best.


Both bungalow and craftsman houses have different outer and interior designs. Bungalow home plans have an open concept with good steps and a balcony. They also offer beautiful outside space to roam around well with your family.

Thanks to the open surface, bungalow home plans ensure good natural light to the house. They also ensure a good line of vision for your comfort of viewing. Bungalow home plans as well offer an effective layout with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, garage, dining room, and so on.

They as well have beautiful planting outside and good space on a walking place. Bungalow houses also come with a gable and dormer to add ventilation inside. They as well have porches to increase the overall beauty. Bungalow home plans also good design on the backyard.

On the other side, the craftsman houses are designed in simple and clean lines. They have a lot of woodwork to give a crafty vibe in the house. Craftsman houses also offer fine space benefits including a kitchen, living rooms, dining room, and other rooms.

With a large space, craftsman houses have traditional construction with structural stability. They also have defined shapes outside and inside the house. Craftsman home plans are strong posts and beams. They as well have the great physical strength and include a good number of porches.  

Not only that craftsman houses have good planting but also come with better driveway to walk around. They as well have stunning look on the outside. And, craftsman interior is very lavish for the full family to living well. They as well have a cottage vibe with a fresh design to live well.


When comparing bungalow and craftsman home plans, they both hold dissimilar ease of usage. Depending on people's desires and lifestyles, both home plans would go well.

Bungalow home plans are more like good for seniors and large families to live in comfortably. However, they are not safe for younger children as kids can fall downstairs. In fact, they have limited mobility. Other than these, the bungalow home plan is a secure option for living.

They are also fine for giving good space to live with less movement area. Bungalow home plans are as well fine for a starter family.

Plus, they are good for walkers or wheelchairs to use with no bumps. Conversely, craftsman houses are good for younger people and large families to live happily. They have a clever design that allows living with kids well.

Craftsman home plans are also good for family who loves to keep pets inside. They have enough space with good construction that allows living with kids and pets easily.


Both bungalow and craftsman home plans have great structure and layout to shelter well. However, they both have different levels of privacy.

Bungalow home plans usually come with less privacy compared to craftsman houses. They have large lots and detached or semi-detached homes which make them lower in privacy. Also, bungalow home plans will allow others to not see-through glasses or doors.

But they lack privacy for their open design and window shape. However, bungalow houses are secure from thieves with good protection.

Then again, craftsman home plans are good for giving good privacy and protection against thieves. They as well ensure smaller windows and the main door to give good privacy. And, craftsman houses are strong in privacy to get rid of stealing.

On the face of it, they have greenly land outside with planting trees that boost privacy to stay away from the house. And, craftsman home plans have good lighting on the outside that ensure coverage at the night time.


Both bungalow vs craftsman houses is easy to maintain. They both have a simple and clean house layout and style to ensure good maintenance.

Bungalow home plans are quite modest to get rid of a cool and wintery feel in the wintertime. They are also good for giving better aeration in the summer. Moreover, the open concept of bungalow home plans makes cleaning and usage easier and more convenient.

And, they give good easiness and flexibility of your living areas with less maintenance. However, you need to cut or trim the grasses outside for maintenance.

In contrast, craftsman home plans are great with easy maintenance settings. They have good planting and grass outside to take care of. But craftsman houses are not easy to clean. Other than that, they are fine if you clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Also, craftsman home plans have good control over expenses and costs so that you can save your money.

Windows And Doors

Windows and doors of bungalow and craftsman houses are great in shape and size. Yet, both home plans have differences in windows and doors.

Mostly, bungalow-style houses are created with larger windows and doors to give a more classic vibe in modern complexion. Also, the windows of bungalow home plans are framed with woods to ensure a better look and stability. And, they have a double-hung windows design.

Plus, bungalow houses included windows, and doors are fixed. Yet, they ensure good ventilation on summer.

In opposition, craftsman houses have a mix of small and big windows on every corner. They also ensure a good small door in the front. Craftsman home plans also ensure giving good airing through the windows. And, they have windows with a woody framework on the edges.

Plus, craftsman houses have see-through windows that cannot be seen from the outside. The windows of the craftsman houses add beauty.  

Roof Shape

If comparing bungalow vs craftsman house roof shapes, you’ll see a huge difference. Usually, both house roof shapes are good for sheltering from the sun and other disasters.

Bungalow home plans have large a low-sloped gable roof that ensures good depth. They also ensure giving good shelter from sun, rain, and snow in different weathers. Bungalow houses roof shape as well have a smaller section in front or side.

And, they come with roofs with deep overhangs. Plus, bungalow house plans have details and a common type of roof to grant a better shed.

Alternatively, craftsmen's home plans have a large attractive hipped roof with a wide rafter to ensure good coverage. They as well ensure a good layer of a roof in different sections that ensure fine protection against outside environments.

Made out of natural materials, craftsman houses are well-designed. They as well have exposed rafters with good space benefits to ensure the good shape of the house.


To know the real frontrunner among bungalow vs craftsman house, both hold special features that are good for a group of people.

If you want an affordable beautiful home plan with smart utility, then the bungalow house is the finest pick. They are also fine for seniors and kids. But bungalow houses are less secure compared to others.

On the flip side, if you want a home plan that has strong privacy and unique style, then craftsman houses are the best choice. They are also flexible and kid-friendly to live well. Yet, craftsman houses are expensive in a price range to purchase.

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Last Updated: Oct 29, 2022

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