Buying An Online House Plan Vs Hiring A Traditional Architect- The Ultimate Choice?

Buying An Online House Plan Vs Hiring A Traditional Architect

When planning to build a house, designing the right house plan is one of the most important aspects of any home building process. But if you are like most first or existing homeowners, the challenge is always about deciding on whether to hire the service of a traditional architect firm or go with an online architect/house plan designer for your dream house blueprint.

While they both have their upsides and downsides, in this article, we will show you why you should opt for an online house plan designer over a traditional architectural firm. You will also learn more about how Archimple is helping hundreds of individuals achieve their dream house plan without stress.

What Are Your Options For Obtaining A House Plan?

There are three major ways you can get a house plan designed for you when you are starting to build your house.

  • You can decide to hire a traditional architect to create a custom blueprint for your home from the scratch. Working with a traditional architectural company will require the architect to visit your building site, discussions, and other professional consultations.
  • You can reach out to online house plan designers and architects like Archimple to purchase affordable and comprehensive floor plans.
  • In some countries, you have a third option of working with a tract firms. Tract firms are involved in maintaining, modifying, and customizing stock plans for homeowners.

With the above in place, let us proceed to answer the question, should you hire a traditional architect over an online house plan designer?

Hiring an architect comes with its share of benefits and disadvantages. Traditional architects are typically certified by the local building community as a registered architect. When you work with a traditional architect, you have the privilege of working closing with an experienced individual or firm who will handle your home building drawing, inspect your building site, and work closely with your builder.

However, there are many issues with hiring a traditional architect which can only be solved by engaging the service of online house plan designers like Archimple. The advent of the internet and the need for affordable digital house plans brought about the rise of online house plans or blueprints.

Today, it is possible for homeowners to purchase a customizable house plan online for as low as $500. Most online house plan design firms work closely with reputable architects or have in-house architects that help to create stock house plan set or custom house plans set to suit their client's home building needs. In fact, most homeowners looking to cut cost are gradually choosing to work with an online house plan designer over a traditional architect or architectural firm.

Hiring a Traditional Architectural Firm versus Online Architectural Design Platforms

While the idea of working with a traditional architectural firm for many homeowners may seem like the conventional thing to do, technology is fast changing the architectural industry. Today, thousands of homeowners are gradually moving from the service of traditional architects to online house designers. Below is a side by side comparison of both options. 


Traditional Architectural Firm

Online House Design Platform


If you are working with a limited budget, hiring a traditional architectural firm to handle your building plan drawings and floor plans may not be your best option.

Working with online architectural design platforms like Archimple is far cheaper when compared to hiring a traditional architectural company.


Working with a traditional architectural firm may lead to unnecessary delay from your architect. Imagine having to book an appointment every time you need to see your architect or having to wait on your hired architect to visit your building project site

There is no delay when working with an online house plan designer like Archimple. It is as simple as choosing the stock house plan that suit your building needs. If you need modifications or revisions, you simply send an email.

Review of House Plans

When you work with a traditional architectural firm, you are only able to see reviews of their past clients on their website and not for the actual houseplan they may have created.

One of the upsides to working with Archimple is the ability to virtually review the floor plans and receive a 3D video presentation of the houseplans even before purchase.

Freedom of Choice

If you choose to work with a specific traditional architectural firm, you are most likely stuck with that architectural firm for the entire course of the building project.

Purchasing house plans online gives you the opportunity to choose from hundreds of house styles, layouts, and specifications. Above all, you are not binded by a contract.

Additional Service

One of the perks with working with a traditional architect is the benefit of being able to request for modifications. However, this will not only delay the project but increase the cost.

Archimple offers modifications of existing or new floor plans as an additional service. Homeowners also have the option of requesting for revisions on custom plans to meet their building needs.


working with a traditional architectural firm comes with a lot of restrictions. Since you are under contract with the firm, you may have to stick with the firm throughout the process.

Online house plan designers like Archimple offer customizable floor plans. By purchasing CAD files, you can receive a copyright release allowing you to make simple modifications to the blueprints or add your own personal touches.


Most traditional architectural firms offer only custom house plans or blueprints that have never been built or tested for their soundness and functionality.

Online house designers offer a lot more in terms of quality. The designs offered have proven their structural soundness and functionality 

Ease of Purchase

Hiring a traditional architectural firm to design a house plan for you comes with a lot of process. From filling documents, to frequent meetings, and site visitations.

an online house plan design firm like Archimple requires less work on your part. The plans are already drawn and no need for any meetings. You should be able to receive your plans within 2 weeks of purchase if you need a hard copy.

How Can Online Architectural Design Platforms Help You Change the Narrative

Online architectural design platforms like Archimple are seriously changing the narrative when it comes to accessing and purchasing houseplans online. Thanks to technology and the internet, homeowners are beginning to see the value of working with an online architectural design platform over a traditional architectural firm.

The first step to constructing a house is to get a comprehensive architectural drawing set. This gives you an insight into the type of materials to be used, accurate dimensions of the floor plans, location of the elements, sections, and other construction-related information.

If you are looking for a comprehensive yet affordable custom blueprint or a customizable floor plan, then we at Archimple are here to serve you. We have several house plan design collections and floor plans. You can check out our house plan collection to find out how we can help you achieve your dream home.

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2022

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