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Which Construction Package Do You Need?

To meet your needs, we have designed a bunch of packages that are going to keep your home making process enhance constantly. Depending on what stage of design choices you are on and your desired time to start with the building process, the packages will be very useful to help your construction team.

Those who are looking for some paper copies or digital submittal for their local building department, we got your back. The same goes for the ones who can’t work without old school paper files, we have suitable packages for you too!

Get Your Hands on Our CAD Set Package

The bidding package offers a great solo full set of buildings and structural design drawings in a PDF format stamped edifice. Amazingly, this package is made just for you to get good blueprints of your home plan to make out a decision that is more realistic.

Not only that it allows you to get good reviews of design but also helps you to select plans based on your needs and budget easily. This package on top allows you to find your home plans offer in a good price that is similar to building a new home plan.

And, this package has a great rational idea of making all the home structure and factors for any owner to learn everything to make an easy decision.

It on top allows you to get good ideas of different conception and floor plans for construction before going with others. To make your dream home plans, this package is loved by our client for getting a rational design and building points.

The AutoCAD digital files make possible your home project and plan to be changed by using professional CAD software. It on top helps a lot to modify your home plan in a good way even after you have decided.

To modify your home plan easily, this CAD file helps giving good flexibility and structural design for altering the layout. In essence, you do need fine CAD software to open the CAD file. Also, it helps you to keep changing the project to create a friendly plan.

In fact, the CAD digital file available in DWG or DXF format. Many clients find the CAD digital file a great option for its easy to modify designing option.

On top, the CAD digital file allows you to change the layout and design of your home projects in a good way to match your needs. It also allows you to print copies for the construction of your home plans.

PDF Package for Ease

Another great package that allows you to have 1/4-inch scale construction documents in a digital PDF file. This package actually helps a lot for you to make paper copies of your home projects at ease.

And, this package gives good points in a PDF format for you to easily manage your building documents and files of the home project. In addition, our buyers find the PDF package the best bet since it allows you to easily see with your phone no matter where you are going.

Usually, this package is handy that allows you to instantly get after purchasing the plan. It helps you to send home purposes, financial details, and other stuff via email to sub-contractors.

Also, if you want your home plan to be done in the finest way, then this package is a good option. It also helps giving ideas of your building permits, freedom, and flexibility. FYI, this package comes with a single residence license for legal permission.

This package actually works as a good mixture of paper copies and PDF. In fact, it allows you to get good building files and documents such as paper printed construction files and digital sets. This package also ensures hybrid sets of documents.

Just like the paper copies, this package is good only for getting an ideal submission for building permits. It on top makes sure the well-printed formation of construction drawings to easily get fine ideas of home projects. This package also gives a digital set in a PDF formation.

Not only that this package has 1/4 inches scale construction PDF document but also offers 4 paper sets. It also gives one paper set for you to use in other needs.

To get submit for building permits, this package helps giving details for bidding purposes. Yet, this package may cost extra depending on printed sets of plans. It also ensures getting easy permits.