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Archimple Team Owns the Plans

Archimple Creative Team owns the title and plans of this website.

Think Twice Before Copying House Plans

Once you are granted a plan for a single build, you can't use that for another build. Even if you need extra design sets for your structure, you can’t copy. Copying the blueprint of the building design is illegal and strictly prohibited. If you need, can contact Our team will assist you with the details. When you are purchasing any build plan, you get permission to use it once. You don’t get the copyright license or the design ownership permission. Remember, you can make copies from PDFs, reproducible sets, CAD, or digital prints. But when you purchase, it also carries similar copyright securities.

Statutory fees Applicable for the Policy Infringers

From the past few years, copyright law has been reinforced. An architect or the drafters must be sure of the design rights before making the blueprints. However, if anyone from both the parties violates the copyright policy, there apply severe infringement penalties. The infringers may have to pay an average amount of statutory fees. Also, the attorney fees can be applied with the damages and the loss or profits made from the construction. Though this act is rare, we are strict with this copyright act and likely totake legal action immediately.