Cost of Drafting House Plans- Revealing All Hidden Fees You Should Know About!

cost of drafting house plans

Are you going to build your new home? Then, the essential step will be a detailed design of the house. A drafter can do this work for you.

Well, before you hire a drafting technician, you should have a clear concept of the cost of drafting house plans. Otherwise, there can be chances that your draftsman charges very high, or you don’t get the perfect planning.

In this context, we have shown a complete costing detail of the drafting services. You will know the costs and the factors behind cost variances.

So, relax and keep on reading because here you will be getting the right information.

Never Skip: Why Drafting Services Matter? 

Drafting means a well- planned drawing of the house you are going to build. A drafter or an architect can do this task very diligently. 

In earlier times, draftsmen used to draw the building plans with their hands. But nowadays, CAD(Computer-Aided Design) has made this work so natural and faster. This drafting may include house planing, mechanical drawing, interior drawing, technical drawing, etc.

There are many AutoCAD companies from where you can have the draftings done. The AutoCAD company will make out the blueprint of the plan of the house within a fixed time and fixed budget. 

Drafters nowadays also do this with the help of CAD. But don’t hire any inexperienced draftsman. 

Remember, drafting is the root of house planning. Improper drafts can cause you grand loss in the future.

An Overall Cost of Drafting House Plans

When you need the drafting, you need a drafter. A draftsman generally charges on an hourly basis.

A typical drafter can charge $50 to $180 per hour. Generally, to bring out a complete blueprint of the house, drawing can take a minimum of ten hours. So, now you can calculate the approximate costings to hire a drafter.

Well, an architect can also do this drawing of the house plan for you. But the charge of an architect will be slightly higher than that of a drafter. An architect can charge $80 to $200 on average.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that you may need to count the cost of architect to draw house plans also. 

However, an architect or structural engineer and a mechanical engineer will also need to get the drafting allowed and approved for final execution by them.

Factors Causing Cost Variation in House Drafting

There are some facts for which you will find some variation in the cost of drafting house plans. Let’s check them out once.

Type of the House Planing

House planing type causes a variance in the draft costing. Your drafters can charge more or less depending on which kind of design you choose-pre-made or customized. 

Costs for Pre-made Design

Some house owners would like to have any previously designed drafts. It will cost a little less. Ib this type of plans, drafters use the already made design and modifies according to the owners' preferences.

A house draft of one-bedroom can cost $800 to $1000 with pre-created design on average.

Costs for Custom Design

If you choose a custom design that will be unique, then, you may have to bear a higher price. A two bedrooms design can cost approximately $1,500 to $2,000 on average.

A typical CAD drafting can cost around $110.19 to $123.72. Besides, additional charges of approximately $66.92 can need for revisions.

House Location

The location of the house is a significant factor here. Almost every step of home building location plays a vital role in varying the costs.

The drafters of the rural or some suburban areas will charge less than the urban side. It’s quite reasonable also.

Now, you may have a question- how much will it cost to hire a drafter? So, for your benefit, here is a list of some drafters’ overall estimated cost for hiring in different states.


Estimated Cost

Washington DC


San Diego


San Antonio


New York




Los Angels


Los Vegas






The complexity of the HouseRemember, these are estimated hiring costs. It can have little partiality based on various causes.

Complexity also impacts on the costs you should keep in mind. How sophisticated the design is, the more charge for the drafting will be.

You may have some own preferences, for that, your drafters or the architect might need to give more time on designing. The more time he will work on your design, the more charge he will be claiming.

A typical draft of a house with three bedrooms can take around 10 to 13 hours to accomplish.  So, depending on the customisations and modifications, you have to pay more.

Draftsman Drawing Cost- A Detailed View

Usually, the drafters cost for every hour. In some regions, drafters costs based on how much square foot the house is. You should know both. 

Costing Per Hour

Research of 2020 says any drafter with a minimum level of experience work will cost $90-$180 per hour. Based on your design type, the costings can be moderate or higher.

Costing Per Square Foot

You may find some drafter or contractor charging for each square feet. So, you might not get panicked. It is usual for many regions. And it can be within the range of $0.40 to $3 per Sqft.

Costing Per Square Metre

Charging per square metre can be a little bit new to some. But don’t worry, you may have to go across such drafters. And our research shows it can be $16 to $25 per Sqft on average.

AutoCAD Costing 

Nowadays, CAD drafts have made things done so fast and time-saving. There are many CAD services available out. You can also get the drafting done by CAD services. 

Check This List of the CAD Costings of Some Cities:

City Name

Average CAD Costs

New York

$105 to $115


$65 to $75


$29 to $49


$35 to $60


$140 to $155


$182 to $200


$108 to $121

These are the estimated price of CAD drafting services. But additional charges may need based on the number of revisions.

Cost of Blueprints

Blueprint means white lines in the blue colour background page. All the final design of the drafting house plans will be in the blueprint design sheet.

Then, you may be thinking now what will be the cost of blueprints for house? Well, here also varies in terms of the sheet page number and sheet type.

Blueprint sheets will not cost a very high amount. Generally, per sheet can cost around $0.06 to $25 on average.  A typical house drafting may need approximately ten sheets of page.

The most inexpensive type of sheet is the paper sheet. It costs around $0.05 to $8.50 per sheet.

Another expensive one is the Tyvek type of sheet. Per sheet, it can cost around $3 to $25 on average. But the benefit of using this sheet is-they are waterproof and tend to be viable comparing to paper sheets.

And Tyvek sheet can save from using multiple worksheets. Another costing for blueprints is binding and covering of the blueprint sheets. Based on the sets, it will cost within $2 to $20

Oh! There is another saving you can also have. Nowadays, in the era of technology, the blueprints sheets can be saved in the digital Pdf form. And drafters can carry them anywhere by storing on different technological devices like laptop, iPad.

Cost of Architect to Draw House Plans

Many seem to have a confusion between draftsman vs architect. Then, let us clear you. Both of them are good enough. But the significant difference is in the educational certificates.

Most of the draftsmen may have good skills in house planing, but they may not have any institutional certificates. On the contrary, an architect will have an educational document, which is a big point of getting no fraud.

 An architect will cost double of the drafters. Again, you might need to add the architect cost for house plans along with the drafters because finally, an architect will have the final checking. 

You can hire a skilled drafter if you have a limited budget. Then, your costing for hiring the architect will be less to some extent.

Additional Charges

In making the design of the house plan, you will have to bear some additional expenses like the cost of a mechanical engineer to inspect the project. 

Here, you should know well that a mechanical engineer will cost higher. But you must need this cost. Engineer fees can be around $500 for one time visit. For inspection and giving a final report, it can cost about $300 to $500.

Additional costing also includes altering of the design. If you need to bring changes in the plan, then it can cost within $400 yo $2000. This cost will vary based on how much altering you need.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Well, the above writing contains all the costing details of the drafting of house plans. Go through these FAQs you might feel the need while housing plans.

Ques: What is Auto CAD?

Ans:  AutoCAD is a software program for digital 2D or 3D drawing. CAD(Computer-Aided Design) helps in designing, drawing with much more conveniences in a faster way than hand-drawing. Most drafters nowadays make the house plans using CAD and have the blueprints on CD-Rom.

Ques: Is CAD software free?

Ans: Not all CAD software is free. But a CAD named LibreCAD is free to download and use on Windows, Linux or MAC.  With this, you can do 2D designs and draftings. 

Ques: Architect Vs draftsman, which one will be cheaper?

Ans: Well, a drafter will charge less than a professional architect. But both can provide you with high-grade service. But while hiring a constructor,  you should be sure of his or her practical skill as well as working experience.

Ques: DIY drawing Vs Blueprints which should be preferable?

Ans: if you know you can do your house planing, but you should also keep in mind that the drawing that you do may need several weeks whereas a professional drafter can get it completed within hours. 

Wrap Up

Here, in this article, we have provided complete details of the cost of drafting house plans. After reading it, we can assure you will have a quite clear conception regarding the costings.

So, go through this once or more and make proper budget planning without any obstacles.

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Last Updated: Feb 09, 2021

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