26 Different Styles of Houses Explained With Blueprints & Costing Details

Different Styles of Houses

When it comes to building a house, choosing the right house plan is definitely one of the most challenging aspects in the planning process. With several styles of houses and their dedicated house blueprints and features, getting the right house plan requires careful planning.

Designing a house plans can cost you thousands of dollars and lost time if you decide to hire a traditional architect to draft one for you. However, working with a professional house plan designer like Archimple can save you time, money, and offer you professional service.

Exploring Different Style of Houses

exploring different style of houses

An extensive guide on the house styles available on Archimple.  This guide covers their descriptions and unique features to help you understand the variations within each of the styles.

Beach Style House- Bring Coastal Living into Your Home

House styles designed for coastline living are typically referred to as beach house plans or coastal house plans. The majority of beach house plans feature one or two floors and elevated living areas. It is common to find beach house designs featuring large windows that are strategically placed to allow for the inflow of natural light and ocean view.

Additionally, beach house plans tend to feature large porches and decks for outdoor relaxation. And with the use of natural elements like wood in their construction, beach houses are quite affordable. On average, beach houses cost around $150k to $300k to build, with plans going for at least $600 on Archimple. However, we recommend the Alamak for its unique beach house features.

Why Are Beach House Plans Popular?

  • Excellent for outdoor entertainment and relaxation
  • Open floor concept
  • Quite affordable to construct

Bungalow House Plan- An Old American Passion Returns

Influenced by the Victorian and Spanish Revival architectural styles, the bungalow house style is typically considered the fewer cousins of the Craftsman and Prairie style. The term ‘bungalow’ designates any small-sized building structure, usually one-and-a-half story. Most modern Bungalow house plan features an open concept layout, with a kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms arranged for easy accessibility.

On average, bungalow houses cost around $250k to $400k to build, with small bungalow house plans going for at least $600 on Archimple. One modern bungalow house plan to look out for is the Maaysm for its size and unique features.

Why Are Bungalow House Plans Popular?

  • Ideal choice for seniors due to its safe design
  • Budget friendly and offer more living space per square foot
  • Easy to maintain due to its size and height
  • Offers flexibility for additions

Cabin House- Log Cabins with Great Style

Started in the early 17th century, the first sets of cabins constructed in the US were done by the Europeans who were in America for business. Over the years, cabin style house has metamorphosed into the craftsman house style that also features a similar rustic and traditional style of home for homeowners looking to build one in the city.

Cabin house styles are usually one or two story high with a simple design and open floor plan. Additionally, cabin house cost around $300,000 - $600,000 to build. On Archimple, cabin house plans starts from $600. One Cabin house plan to look out for is the Achird for its size and unique features. Check out our other collection of Cabin house plans.

Why Are Cabin House Plans Popular?

  • Tons of styles and designs to choose from
  • Budget-friendly and offer more living space per square foot
  • Suitable for all kinds of location
  • Very energy efficient due to its materials

Cape Cod House- An American Original Style

Cape Cod house style was originated in the wood building area of New England and migrated to America by the Puritan builders. Initial structures of the Cape Cod house plans were made of natural durable materials due to the harsh weather at that time. Today, modern Cape Cod house plans have changed from its traditional square-shaped design to larger floor plan designs.

It is now common to find Cape Cod houses with wings added to its square frame to create space for modern amenities such as a garage or larger dining area. Some Cape Cod house plans now include a wraparound front or back porch. We recommend the Alniyat Cape Cod house plan for its rustic appeal.

Why Are Cape Cod House Plans Popular?

  • Shares great American architectural history
  • Spacious due to its size and number of stories
  • Excellent symmetrical layout with clean lines
  • Large, open floor concept
  • Flexibility in its designs

Carriage House- Top Adaptive Garage Apartment

Sometimes referred to as Coach Houses, carriage houses in the past were built as a shelter place for horse-driven carriages. Some include living areas in the upper floor that housed the house staffs who maintained the horses and carriages. Today, modern carriage house designs are closely related to the typical garage apartment with many constructed as a detached garage with living space on the upper level.

They are now used for apartments, restaurants, storage, office space, workshop, or even stand-alone houses. Due to their small size, Carriage house plans are usually a great alternative for Cottage or Cabin house plans. While most Carriage house plans are mostly two-story, some carriage house plan are single story with an attached garage and a living space on the other side. Check out our collection of Carriage house plans and floor plans for more information about our offerings.

Why Are Carriage House Plans Popular?

  • There is no lack of space with a carriage house design
  • Can serve as a rental for extra income
  • Lower energy cost due to the use of natural materials
  • Easy adaptability to various housing needs

Classical House- Neoclassical House Designs

ighly influenced by the architectural transformations in ancient Greece and Rome, Classical house styles became a popular house plan design in America after the end of the colonial era. Today, classical house plans share several characteristics from the romantic architecture of ancient Rome.

Generally, classical style house plans are characterized by their decorative entryway with many featuring two stories with multiple columns. Also, Classical house designs often feature asymmetrical footprint, pediments, and steeply pitched roofs with well-designed columns. The use of porticos, patios, and adoption of open-concept layouts are common characteristics of a modern classical house plan.

On average, the cost of building a classical house plan is around $250,000 to $400,000 depending on your location. One of our classical house blueprints to look out for is the Toliman. You can check out several of our Classical style house plan designs here.

Why Are Classical House Plans Popular?

  • Modern and open floor concept
  • Spacious due to its multiple floor levels
  • Luxury appearance with decorative interiors

Colonial House- Mesmerizing Southern Architecture

Originating during the colonial era of the United States, the colonial house design was one of the popular architectural styles in the country until the late 19th century. A Southern Colonial house plan is characterized by a simple rectangular shaped structure with two to three stories. The early styles were designed by the British

Over the years, several variations of the original colonial house plan evolved, ranging from, Georgian Colonial house plan, Spanish Colonial house plan, Dutch Colonial house plans, and French Colonial house plans. It is common for modern colonial house plans to feature asymmetrical architecture, two or three story high, symmetrical floor plans, and decorative entryway. We recommend the Lucilinburhuc for its colonial open floor plan concept.

Why Are Colonial House Plans Popular?

  • Functional and attractive architecture
  • Colonial house designs are quite spacious
  • Modern colonial house plans boast of superb exterior and interior architecture

Contemporary House- Flexible Functional Home Designs

Popularly mistaken for the modern house style, contemporary home plans is a reflection of the architecture of today. Characterized by natural and sustainable building materials, Contemporary house plans also feature open floor plans which are usually designed in a U, L, T, or H shape to blend with its outdoor space.

Additionally, small contemporary house plans places emphasis on the use of geometric shapes within and around the building. On average, contemporary house cost around $500,000 to over a million dollars depending on your home location. However, contemporary house plan can cost around $500 to $3,000 on Archimple. We recommend the Mahasim for its southwest contemporary house plan outlook. But, you should check out our collection of Contemporary house plans.

Why Are Contemporary House Plans Popular?

  • Endless possibilities of customizations
  • Multi-functionality
  • Designed to allow for natural lightning

Cottage House- The Farmer’s Pride

Cottage house plan designs originated from England and were built by local farmers to accommodate their farm produce and families during the planting and harvesting season. With the British colonizing several parts of the world, the Cottage house plan spread across territories becoming a recognized architectural style.

Today, cottage house styles now feature a two-up-two-down floor plan, meaning each of the floors has two rooms. Additionally, cottage house plans tend to have smaller footprint, welcoming porches, rustic exterior appearance, and arched doorways. On Archimple, we have a collection of Cottage house plan ranging from modern cottage house plans to small cottage house designs. One cottage house plan to look out for is the Dalim.

Why Are Cottage House Plans Popular?

  • Can serves as a getaway holiday home
  • Low maintenance cost due to their typical small square footage
  • Offers homeowners the opportunity to explore both traditional and modern architecture
  • Very affordable with multi-functionality

Craftsman House- Craftsman Homes with Modern Designs

Craftsman house style reflects the uniqueness and simplicity of a truly American house and can be linked to the British arts and crafts movement of the 1800s to early 1900s. The Craftsman house style was a deviation from the eclectic appeal of the popular Victorian architectural style.

While there are several variations of the traditional craftsman house style, modern Craftsman house plans typically feature a covered front porch, low-pitched, gabled roof with wide and unenclosed eave overhang, open floor plan, and plenty use of natural materials. On average, the craftsman bungalow house plan cost around $700-$3,500. You should check out the Algol which is small craftsman house plan. Check out our collection of Craftsman house plans for find more suitable house plans for you.

Why Are Craftsman House Plans Popular?

  • Plenty use of natural materials such as stones, wood, and brick
  • Open floor plan that allows for free flow of movement
  • Adaptability into other house styles

European House- Old World House Plans We Love

If you were born in the US, chances are that you have lived or currently live in a house with European house plan design. They are among the most popular and patronized house style and plans in the United States. European house designs are an embodiment of several architectural styles from England, France, Italy, and Spain into one. The use of bricks, stucco, or stone on their exterior often gives them a country-like appearance. 

Modern European style houses often feature hipped roofs, swooping rooflines, tastefully-designed window shutters, balconies, and arched entries. It is also common for European floor plans to include attractive columns or decorative ceilings, open floor plans, large rooms, and tall ceilings. The average cost to build a European house style is around $400,000 to over $600,000. We recommend the Sceptrum for its elegant exterior outlook and multiple garages.

Why Are European House Plans Popular?

  • European house styles are one of the easily customizable
  • Full of timeless charm and offers luxury appeal
  • Offers an open floor plan that utilizes every square foot.
  • Features elegant exterior features an inviting front porch

Farmhouse House- Simple Farmhouse with Porches

Originally, the term ‘farmhouse’ was associated with homes built on agricultural ground which housed farm owners and workers. Today, modern farmhouses with open floor plans are now a common sight even within city limits. It is common to spot Farmhouse plans spotting lots of windows, large covered porch, carriage style garage door, and large front door.

On Archimple, homeowners can now purchase Farmhouse plans with two story and Farmhouse plans with basement. On average, the cost to build a modern farmhouse is around is around $600,000, with its farmhouse house plan going for at least around $1,000. We recommend the Beemim for its open floor plan concept. On Archimple, we have several Farm house plans with various square footages and features.

Why Are Farmhouse House Plans Popular?

  • Offers an indescribable sense of warmth and approachability
  • You can easily blend the farm house style with other styles
  • Farmhouses can be built just anywhere

French House- French House Designs with Old World Charm

French house plan is a unique architectural plan that offers several features and benefits. French house styles are typically defined by their asymmetrical exterior made of brick, stone, or stucco materials. French modern house plans are also known to be characterized by their use of multi-paned windows, steep roof pitches, and large chimneys.

Generally, most French house plans are two-stories with high rooflines. While majority of French house designs are common with luxury homes that includes detailed masonry, arched entries, corner quoins, and small-sized balconies. To browse additional floor plans with French style and inspiration, check out our French house plans.

Why Are French House Plans Popular?

  • French house plans are timeless
  • Offers an open floor plan that utilizes every square foot.
  • Features elegant exterior features an inviting front porch

Lake House- Home Designs for Waterfront Living

A lake house is practically any architectural style built close to a body of water. Lake houses may be of diverse house style ranging from cottage, rustic or even country house design. If you desire a plan that allows you to view the water from the comfort of your porch, then the lake house plans from Archimple is your best choice.

Lake House designs are common to features fireplaces, spacious porches, and walk-out basement. While it is possible to build any house design by a lake, our collection of Lake House plans is carefully designed to take advantage of a lakefront view. On average, Lake House cost around $175-$200 per square foot to build. We recommend the Absolutno for its use of multiple windows.

Why Are Lake House Plans Popular?

  • Features larges windows that allows for lakeside viewing
  • Large porch or deck that allows for outdoor relaxation
  • Walkout basement or other types of foundation that may serve as additional space

Log House- Log Home Plans with Country Charm

When you picture the term log house, certain thoughts comes to your mind— hunting and fishing cabins. The log house style was introduced by the Swedes who established colonies in the Americas in the mid-17th century. During the era of its introduction, log houses were simple source of shelter and made from native tree logs. Today, the log house plan is now a versatile house blueprint preferred by homeowners who require a house that offers rustic appeal.

Over the years, several variations of log house designs have evolved ranging from Full Scribe, Chink Style, Post Beam, Timber Frame, and Hybrid. In terms of noticeable characteristics, most log style homes are typically feature strategically placed floor to ceiling windows, inviting covered porch, open living space. Modern versions tend to feature more than one story with more space. On average, the cost of building a log house plan is around $300,000. You can check out Albali, one of our luxury Log house plan.

Why Are Log House Plans Popular?

  • Offers rustic appeal due to its material and surrounding
  • Location is no problem when building a log house plan
  • There are tons of log house designs to choose from
  • Since they are made from logs, they provide warmth during winter

Mediterranean House- Luxury Mediterranean House Designs

Mediterranean house plans or Sunbelt house designs were named after the region from where they originated specifically Italy and Spain. A variation of the European house style, Mediterranean house plans displays notable characteristics common to Italian and Spanish architecture. In the US, Mediterranean house designs are popular in warm-weather cities like Florida and California but can be constructed in any climate or location.

While there are several variations of the Mediterranean house style, it is common to find Mediterranean house designs with symmetrical façades, courtyards, stucco exteriors, low-pitched roofs, tall ceilings, and arched windows and doorways.  Typically, Mediterranean house plans are designed with one level; but two-story floor plans are quite common these days. Our Mediterranean house plans starts at $700 with options for modifications of old plans. Check out our latest affordable Mediterranean house plans.

Why Are Mediterranean House Plans Popular?

  • Mediterranean house designs are luxury refined
  • Allows for easy blend of architectural designs
  • Spacious and allows for multiple additions to the structure
  • Features an excellent outdoor design

Modern House- Minimalist Modern House Designs

The modern house style also referred to as Art Deco started in the late 1920s and is quite different from the popular contemporary house style. This plan makes use of clean functional lines, geometrical elements, and modern materials in their construction. Modern house plans can easily blend with ranch house style or multi-story houses and range from small-sized to massive living space.

Additionally, it common to find modern house designs with open floor plans, use of eco-friendly materials, intriguing roofline, skylights, and massive use of glass. On average, the cost to build a modern style house in the US is around $500,000 with modern house plans costing around $700 to $4,000. We recommend the Great Marvell for its massive living space and contemporary amenities. You can check out several collections of our modern house plans.

Why Are Modern House Plans Popular?

  • Promotes sustainability and energy saving
  • Characterized by multiple large windows which allows for easy entrance of sunlight
  • With the modern house style, you can customize your home as you see fit

Prairie House- Prairie House Plans with Horizontal Lines

The Prairie style is often regarded as a true American architectural design due to its roots in America. Popularized by one of America leading Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, the Prairie house plan is famous for its use of strong horizontal lines and contemporary building materials. Generally, the Prairie house style is closely linked to Japanese architecture due to its use of wooden rafters on each of its sides.

Additionally, Prairie style houses are characterized by their shallow pitch roofs, simple square design, large casement windows, chimneys and spacious outdoor areas such as porches and patios. Modern prairie house designs are usually two-stories or more with porches extending from each of the floors. Often, this style design may be referred to as American Foursquare or Prairie Box.

The average cost to build a Prairie house design in the US is around $400,000 depending on your builder and material choice. Check out our list of Prairie house plan designs.

Why Are Prairie House Plans Popular?

  • Lower construction and energy cost due to the use of natural materials
  • Modern prairie house designs are romantic and family-oriented
  • Easy transition from one room to the other due to its open floor concept

Ranch House- Simple and Modern House Plans

Quite simple in their design, Ranch house plans or Ramblers were introduced around 1950’s and 1960’s. During this period, its low construction costs made it a go-to house plan for individuals across the country. Traditionally, ranch house plans are typically single-story homes with simple floor plan designs.  Nowadays, it is common to find ranch house plan combine its traditional appearance with modern-day amenities and have become a desired house plan once again.

Generally, Ranch house designs feature cross-gabled or side-gabled rooflines, overhanging eaves, large picture windows, and an attached garage. Ranch house plans are common across several house plans including country house plans and traditional house plans. However, modern ranch house designs may feature a walk-out basement. You should check out the Pure Panther for its structured footprint. We also have several Ranch house plans with varying square footages and designs.

Why Are Ranch House Plans Popular?

  • Lower construction and energy cost due to the use of natural materials
  • Ranch house plans are economical and found in all house plans
  • Allows for effective use of space
  • They are suitable for individual of all ages

Southwest House- New World Architectural Designs

he Southwest house style which is also known by several names—Pueblo or Mission Revival, is a blend of the Spanish Colonial house style and Native American architectural designs. It is common to find Southwestern style houses in areas with hot climates.

Southwest house plans offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements that makes it a great option for individuals looking for an adaptable houseplan. Typically, Southwest house designs may features, front and rear courtyards, screened lanais, hip roofs, and one or more front gables. It is also common for Southwest house designs to feature an open floor plan, skylights, and walk-in pantries. We highly recommend the Nautilus for its size and spacious living area.

Why Are Southwest House Plans Popular?

  • Provides enough privacy
  • Easily adaptable  to several house designs
  • Its open floor plan concept allows for easy transition from one room to the other

Southern House- Southern Home Design with 2-Story Ceiling

The Southern house style became a popular architectural style in the 1700s and was quite common among plantation owners. Also, referred to as plantation homes, southern house plans are noticeable for their unique architectural characteristics. They usually feature a rectangular shape structure with bricks or wood siding on its exterior and a covered front porch. In terms of architectural designs, southern house plans share several similarities with the Colonial and Country house plans.

To blend with the southern climate, many southern house plans are spacious with high ceiling and multiple windows openings. Most southern house designs are typically two-story structure offering an inviting entry with the inclusion of a staircase that allows for easy access to the upper view. Our Southern house plans come in variety of square footage and available in both one-story and two-story layout. We recommend the Lonesome for its wraparound porch.

Why Are Southern House Plans Popular?

  • Southern style house plans boasts of attractive and functional architecture
  • There is no lack of space with a southern style house plan
  • Filled with natural elements that makes it unique and aesthetically attractive

Traditional House- A Unique Style Amongst Others 

he term traditional style cannot be associated with a specific house design. A traditional house can be showcasing a Classical, Country, Georgian, European or a Colonial design style. This makes it unique and easily fit into any house, landscape or location. Typically, it is common for traditional style houses to feature a formal living room space with traditional comfort spots like a spacious front porch or a huge fireplace made from bricks.

Additionally, Traditional house plans may feature a simple roofline, large double windows, covered entries, and at least a front facing gable. It can be a simple starter home to two-story high with luxurious amenities. On average, traditional house cost around $300,000-$600,000 to build. We have several traditional house designs on Archimple and recommend the Phoenix for its multiple stories.

Why Are Traditional House Plans Popular?

  • Building a traditional house design is quite affordable
  • Allows for a higher level of details and craftsmanship
  • Traditional style house plans offers homeowner flexibility

Tudor House- Tudor Revival Style Floor Plans

The Tudor architecture dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries when the Tudor family ruled over the British Empire. Popularized in the US in the early 19th century, Tudor style houses offers a relaxing, inviting yet romantic appeal making it one of the most sought after house style during it reign.

Typically, historic Tudor house plans share certain similarities with the Victorian house style. It is common to see Tudor house plans feature pitched gable roof, decorative half-timbering, casement windows, multi-story and beautiful entrance. On average, a 1 story Tudor house plan cost around $700 to $2,500. You should check our collection of unique Tudor house plans with enough space.

Why Are Tudor House Plans Popular?

  • Since they feature two or even three stories, there is ample of space to spare
  • The use of natural materials reduces construction cost
  • Allows for a higher level of details and craftsmanship.

Tuscan House- Impressive Mediterranean Tuscan House Designs

The history of the Tuscan house plan can be directly traced to the elegant country style homes that the Tuscany region of Italy. In the past, Tuscan houses were built on hilly grounds to take in the lovely view of the Tuscany countryside. The designs of Tuscan house plans reflect the traditional Italian architecture and cultural traits.

Tuscan house designs are typically popular for their expressive use of stucco and stone on their exteriors, arched doorways, and tall windows which allows for adequate ventilation. In terms of interiors, Tuscan house designs are more informal in design and may feature high ceilings which add to its elegance. Additionally, it is very common for Tuscan interiors to include a fireplace which gives it an old appearance.

Today, it is common to find Tuscan house plans with courtyard or with double garages. The average cost to build a Tuscan house style in the US is around $400,000 depending on your home location. Check out our collection of Tuscan house plans.

Why Are Tuscan House Plans Popular?

  • Tuscan house plans are some of the most adaptable and customizable
  • Offer luxury living on a budget
  • Ample of space to spare

Victorian House- Small Victorian House Designs

he Victorian house style characterizes the architectural styles that were in trend during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). In terms of its origin, the roots of the Victorian house style can be traced back to England but was spread across the world by British Architects and Colonist. However, the migration of the Victorian house style to other geographical location created several variations of the original style.

Even with the difference in the various Victorian house styles, they all share certain similarities. It is quite common to find a Victorian house design featuring Steep, gabled roofs, Round angles, turrets and dormers, shapely windows, and stained glasses. Additionally, Victorian floor plans may feature one to two stories with added nooks and high ceilings. The average cost to build a Victorian house style in the US is around $500k. We have a list of beautiful Victorian house plans with several floors.

Why Are Victorian House Plans Popular?

  • Blends easily with other architectural styles
  • Unique interior designs
  • Massive use of natural materials like stones, marble, and wood.
  • Ample of space to spare due to its size

Which House Styles You Should Choose for Building An Ideal House?

Choosing a house style is a choice determined by your personal taste and your housing needs. At Archimple, we have rounded up some popular options and what you should consider when choosing house styles.


What size will suit you and your family? Before choosing a house plan you should consider the size of the living space, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and size of the storage area. When choosing a house plan, picture your future family living in the space. We have house style ranging from 1500 square foot up to 7500 square foot. More importantly, our in-house designers can help you modify your existing house plans to suit your current housing and family needs.


What is the reason behind your choice of a house blueprint? Consider the purpose behind your building of a house design before purchasing a house plan. The functions behind your choice of a house design will determine the size and features of your potential plan.

Your Style

Your taste and personality will go a long way in determining the type of house plan to purchase. From the floor plan type, kitchen layout, to furniture layout, your personal style plays a massive role in determining your desired house plan. On Archimple, we have tens of house styles, ranging from traditional to modern house styles.


Building a house goes beyond the cost of purchasing the house plan from Archimple. Before purchasing a house plan you should consider the cost of construction and timeline. Choosing a house plan that is beyond your building budget may affect the progress of your building timeline. The best thing is that Archimple offers house plans across all kinds of budget.


Building a house goes beyond purchasing the land or getting the right amount of financing. It also involves choosing the right house style and house plan that suits your budget and building needs. From traditional to classical luxury house plans, Archimple offers much more in terms of affordable house plan designs and style of houses.

Our house plan designs are of different sizes and features. We also offer customization of existing house plans to suit your present housing needs. Purchasing the right house plan will save you time and money in the long run.

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