Few Mistakes to Avoid Guest Room Design and Planning - Don't Miss!

Few Mistakes to Avoid Guest Room Design and Planning

Are you planning for a guest room in your house or a hotel room design? Then, check out these few mistakes to avoid guest room design and planning time. You will want to host your guest with the utmost hospitality through the room design and decor. But research shows that in time of guest room planning, most people make some unwanted mistakes that can ruin the entire hospitality image.

Don't worry. We have listed out those mistakes. And now, we are sharing them here with you to avoid them in the time of guest room design and planning.

Few Mistakes to Avoid Guest Room Design and Planning

Instead of dragging unnecessary lines, let's take you to the details. After a lot of research on some guest room designs and facilities, we have been able to find out six major mistakes that most people fail to understand before planning.

Keep reading further to know and avoid these faults lest they should leave a wrong impression on your welcoming.

1. Sluggish Lighting in Guest Room

It happens with many that they can't figure out the perfect lighting system inside the room. When you have an additional guest room, you should not forget about providing the proper lighting facilities.

In some hotel rooms, we have seen to have ceiling lights only. When you are a host, you should think about the full-on facilities as anyone may wish to have. Don't forget to keep some table lamps or mood lighting systems to create the opportunity to enjoy any light effect when the guest wants. You can set any motion-detecting light for night time use or in the bathroom also.

Keeping the lighting system limited to only the ceiling light can signify being rude to the guest. Let your guest choose any lighting effect they need.

2. Fancy or Impoverished Color Combination

It would be better if you were not economical with the color design of the guest room. Some people give guest rooms for rent. And for that, they seem to make a big mistake in color choice.

Never use boring light or color paint for your guest room. You should neither use any fancy color nor an impoverished color combination to make your guest feel awkward. 

Remember, the guest room or the hotel room that you are designing for is to make the person feel like a second home with additional pros. You can use sea blue, lemon zest color, ocean blue, gravy sky color, etc.

You can also plan to make some artwork on the walls. It will bring some elegance to your room. And this can cause the guest to feel warmly accepted and welcomed by you.

3. Space Problem –Too Many Interiors

You must plan for some essential furniture in the guest room, but don't make the number too many. Your remotely living guests may have a long tiring journey, so they need to relax with enough air flow in the room.

Too much furniture can make the room suffocated sometimes. Again, suppose you plan with all furniture to let your guest feel at home. In that case, you may leave no space to keep essentials such as a laptop bag, vanity bag, towel, earphones, power bank, sunglasses, watches, mobile, toothbrush, etc.

These kinds of stuff are mostly for frequent use. And lavish interior designs can eat up the spaces. Guests are temporary residents. They will not be permanently living here, so you need to plan for all the house furniture in one room.

So, keep only one or two of the most essential pieces of furniture. Also, reflect your interior design and look classy with the simplest one.

4. No Technological Improvements

It is the age of high-tech media. And don't forget that people nowadays can't go a single day without checking their emails or having a peek on Social media.

Don't make the mistake of denying access to the Wi-Fi or no television in the guest room. In this 21st century, a house without internet access is considered the most boring and backdated.

In the case of a guest room, a guest would not like to stay more than a day where he or she does not find any internet access. Give your Wi-Fi access to your guest before they start feeling shy to ask. Believe it. It will make your guest feel the most heartily welcomed.

Again, hotel owners nowadays use different home technology to entertain guests up to the utmost level. For example, in Bali, Indonesia, in some hotels, hotel owners design rooms with glass flooring. It helps to see the mythic stones inside the seawater of Bali.

So, different techniques can be equipped based on location and availability while planning for the guest room. Keep enough sources for charging mobile or other electronics. Don’t mistake keeping only one socket plug when designing a guest room.

5. Bedding Type Gets in Ignorance Most

When planning for the bedside table's location, most people make a mistake here. People seem to put the side table on either left or right side. But have you ever thought the person could be sleeping on the other side where you did not put the side table?

So, it would be much better if you put the sider on both sides of the bed so the guest can easily access the lamp switch, according to their preference.

This type of facility can increase the rating of being the most praise-worthy host ever. Of course, if you give it on rent or owning any hotel. Again, the guest room in your home may remain unused. And so, change the bedsheets and pillow covers before your guest arrives to avoid any stink or musty smell.

6. Don't Make It Over Comfy

You will want to give your guest full comfort and facilities. But try to do it with the most straightforward stuff. Simplicity is the best thing ever. If you can know the needs of your guest, you can provide them with the available material.

Sometimes people seem to make too much planning that mostly goes in vain in the end. Excessive of anything is not good at all. When you try to make your guest available with too many facilities, you won't be making him or her comfortable; you will feel embarrassed rather.

Keep the essentials in the guest room with additional comforts. Don't plan such extras to make the guest feel laugh at you or feel embarrassed to relax inside the room.

Give some privacy to your guest. If there is no door or curtain, make arrangements for some. You may want to make your guest feel cordial, but showing too much hospitality can make them feel more awkward to do their usual task.

Let your guest have relaxed and quality time alone to cope with the new place. Don't go inside the room frequently with various services. It can make them disturbed instead of hospitality.

Final Words

When you are making plans for the guest room design, you should not consider it in a negligible way. We leave no stone unturned to welcome our guests. But one little mistake can impact your welcoming quality and rating, especially when you give it on rent.

Through this article, know the few mistakes to avoid in guest room design and planning before it gets too late.

Frequently Asked Question


What are some common mistakes people make when designing a guest room?

One of the most common mistakes people make when designing a guest room is not making it comfortable enough. Remember, your guests should feel like they are being treated like royalty when they stay in your home, so make sure the bed is comfortable, the linens are high-quality, and there are plenty of pillows for them to use.

What’s the best way to lay out my guest room?

When laying out your guest room, be sure to create a clear path from the door to the bed. You don’t want your guests to navigate furniture or clutter to get to their beds. Additionally, placing a nightstand next to the bed is always a nice touch for guests.

How can I make my small guest room look and feel bigger?

There are a few things you can do to make your small guest room look and feel bigger. First, use light colors on the walls and ceiling, which will help create the illusion of more space.

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2022

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