How to Get Blueprints for a House

How to Get Blueprints for a House

Building a house requires that you go through several simple to complex steps to achieve the right home for you and your family. One of those steps is getting the right blueprint for your home. Getting the right house plan for your home can be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime. Not only is it a huge financial commitment, it defines where you and your family will live for the years to come.

At Archimple, we’re here to help with all of the steps that go into finding a house blueprint that meets all your expectations and your budget!

How to Get Blueprints for a House

Choosing a blueprint for your home requires a few steps to ensure that you are making the right houseplan purchase decision. In this section, you’ll learn more about the various steps and how much it cost to get a house blueprint online.

Review Your Budget

If you hope to turn your building fantasy into a reality, the first thing you should do is to find out how much houseplan you can afford. In terms of affordability, you should consider the actual cost of the plans and the cost to construct the plan or plans you finally choose. For most online houseplan design companies, the cost of blueprints averages around $700 for a small-sized PDF file to $2,000- $4,000 for a large CAD file.

While the cost of purchasing stock blueprints online may seem expensive, it is nowhere near the cost of hiring a traditional architectural company to design one for you. At the minimum, most traditional architectural companies charge anywhere from $10,000 up to $100,000 for a custom houseplan.

Determine What You Want in a Houseplan

Before choosing or getting a houseplan for your potential building, you should take into consideration your housing needs and desires— number of bedrooms, stories, interior and exterior layout, foundation type, storage space, ceiling height, garage or the presence of a wraparound porch.

You should also take into cognizance what your needs are in terms of dwelling type—detached house, bungalow, or multi-family. It is important that you get a houseplan that allows for modification, flexible, and can accommodate your growing family size. While Archimple offers several houseplans with the above-listed features, you may consider getting a study plan for each of the house plan designs that appeals to you. Please note that it is unsafe to build your house using a study plan but with a set of blueprints.

Select Several House Blueprint Options

While viewing blueprint designs for your home on Archimple may seem like a wonderful dream adventure, reality must set in. So, before clicking on the order icon, you should consider finding out the rough estimate of building such a type of houseplan by merely looking at the plan square footage.

Typically, a house size below 1500 feet is considered a starter home. If it falls between the 1500 feet to 2,200 feet range, it is a move-up house. And if it is larger than 2,200 feet, then it falls within the luxury category. Once you have chosen one or two houseplan that suits your housing needs and taste, you can get a better idea of the cost to build the houseplans by multiplying the square footage by the average cost to build a house in your locality.

While the cost to build varies depending on the location of the house, you will have to consult with a local contractor or builder. For example in Wyoming, the average cost to build per square foot is around $150. So, if you are contemplating a $1500 square foot plan, the cost to build would be around $220,000 excluding the cost of land and installation of facilities like sewer lines. More importantly, the final cost will be determined by the builder, quality of materials, and the type of finishes you use.

Review Your Lot Size and Type Before Purchasing a Plan

Before you get a blueprint for your house from Archimple, you should have a technical knowledge of your building site. While Archimple offers buyers the opportunity to modify their existing blueprints to suit their current housing needs, before you buy a house plan you should have purchased the lot of your potential house.

Do not make the mistake of buying a house plan first before acquiring the land on which the house is to be built on. Too many individuals make this mistake and end up finding out that it is impossible to build their desired houseplan on the lot they purchased. 

Learn About the Plan And the Limitations That Comes With the Plan

Every stock houseplan comes with one limitation or the other. Before getting a blueprint for a house, you should not only learn about the houseplan but also the limitations that come with it. Typically, a complete set of blueprints from Archimple includes the following sheets:

  • A cover letter explaining the details of the blueprint scope
  • Total square footage of the plan for building permit purposes
  • Detailed plans for each of the floors
  • Interior details of the various floors
  • Foundation outline
  • Roof plan
  • Exterior information

Furthermore, you also have the opportunity of accessing the basement, additional slab, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and furniture layouts of your houseplan as an additional service. You may also be entitled to additional services like 3D walkthroughs, audio and video design, and custom revision when you purchase your sets of blueprints from Archimple.

However, there are some limitations that come with getting a stock blueprint from online houseplan design companies like Archimple. One of the major limitations is that house plan design companies only allow users to build just one house from their blueprints. Building more than one house from a single blueprint is an outright violation of the US copyright laws.

Get Your House Blueprint and Seek for the Necessary Approvals

After purchasing your houseplan or houseplans, you should ensure that they are approved before putting them into action. Most states in the US require that all blueprints are reviewed and stamped by a local architect or structural engineer before construction to ensure that they are in line with the local building codes.

Please note that why Archimple is able to supply you with a variety of stock and custom houseplan, we are not responsible for the sealing or stamping of your blueprints. This is because majority of our houseplans are drawn to meet the national building codes as at when created. So, it is up to you and your builder to ensure that the blueprint you got is reviewed and stamped by a local architect before you apply for a building permit.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Blueprint Online?

Statistics conducted by Home Advisor reveals that it will cost you around $821 and $2,682 with an average $1,746 to get a blueprint for you house online. On the other hand, hiring an architect is more likely to cost up to ten times the amount of purchasing an online stock houseplan.

However, majority of individuals are beginning to turn to online houseplan design companies like Archimple to cut cost. Houseplan designers like Archimple offer clients the opportunity to receive both the hard copy and digital copies of the house blueprint as a lower cost. On average, the cost of purchasing a blueprint for your house on Archimple is somewhere around $600 to $2,500.

How Can Archimple Help You Get Your House Blueprint for Less

Working with online architectural design platforms like Archimple is far cheaper and comes with a lot of benefits when compared to hiring a traditional architectural company. There are no delays or unnecessary costs when working with Archimple. It is as simple as choosing the stock house plan that suit your building needs. And if you need modifications or revisions, you can easily request for one.

If you are looking for a comprehensive yet affordable blueprint or floor plan for your home, then we at Archimple is here to serve you. We have several house plan design collections and floor plans to help you achieve your dream home at a lower cost.

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Last Updated: Dec 30, 2020

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