Copyright Notice

Archimple LLC owns each and all house plans stated on this website. For your kind information, all the house plans here are protected by the USA construction law.

After buying a plan, you will get the legal permission to build one house on that plan. Archimple does not provide authorization for using one plan for building multiple houses. If you need can buy another or even ask for extra copies on demand. Archimple team is available to support you with all the details.

All of the content of this website carry copyright laws. Archimple team only owns each house plan. Any of the data, content, or plans from this website is not permissible to use or reproduce without the legal written permission of the Archimple team.

If anyone violates these policies and dares to copy or reproduce any plans or content, high statutory fees apply there. The infringers have to pay a high amount based on the profit or loss and even the damages per construction. This can even go up to $100,000.

Of course, our customers can get permission to download and view house plans for personal use, not for commercial or profitable use.


All the house plans’ costing of Archimple websites is in US dollars.

Return Policy

Archimple team concerns the customer’s satisfaction. Though any return or refund is not possible after successful delivery, we have some exchange policies that might prove helpful.

We do not avail of any return option once the electrical order is delivered. But yes, we offer exchanges in terms of some conditions. You can ask for the exchange of any plans negotiating the price. You should also be clear enough we do not provide a refund for exchanging to any lower pricing plans.

Your house is your living place, your dream. So, you can order for multiple revisions as you need for the confirmation. And each revision will cost a reasonable price regarding the type of plan change.

The delivery for each plan purchase will take 3 days only. It can take less or more for the plans included revisions. But all of these will be done and completed within one to two weeks.

Archimple strictly obeys terms and policies in each and every plan purchase you make. Be sure enough before confirming your order.