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FAQs for Plan Supports

Here are some frequently asked questions people usually got in mind. So, have a look at them in case you may need them.

How Can I Make Changes to Your House Plans If I Need?

Yes, you can make the changes to any plans. Simply send an email to
After that, we will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind house plan.

How to Know about How Many Sets Will I Need?

How many sets you need depends on how complicated your home build is. But in most cases, you require at least 5 to 8 sets. No matter how many sets you buy, there will always be copyright protection with each copy. You can get the reproducible sets to make the changes or the CAD also to make any changes using the computer. But you won't get the owner's permission for just changing a part of the original design. Remember, there will always apply copyright acts.

How Can Use Your Plan If I Want to Customize?

We provide a once-off building plan designed by our architects and engineers. If you consult with us to create a customized plan from scratch, you will own each plan's rights. And you can use multiple times for your build requirements.

Can I Have a Look at the Rear Height of the House Plan?

All floor plans are created to represent the various dimensions of the home to scale. Every plan includes the rear, front, and side look of the house.

Can I See this House in the Built form?

Our professional engineers and architects can present plans with modern 3D rendering to envision what the final build of your dream home will be.

Will Your Building Plans Meet the Local Building Codes of My Area?

Yes, we only incorporate highly professional and experienced architects and engineers who are knowledgeable in local building codes.
If your state requires a specific set of plans, including stamped or seismic and location-specific services, we can help you achieve this and much more.

I Live in Ontario and I May Need the BCIN # for My House Plan, Will You Give One?

A BCIN or Building Code Identification Number is a requirement for a building application according to Ontario's housing regulation. At Archimple, our BCIN qualified engineers will draw a house plan with the appropriate identification number to ensure your building plans are approved upon submission.

Recently I Have a Plan But Can’t See It Now, Is It Still Available?

Archimple provides more than 40 000 house plans for your viewing pleasure. Many of our plans are archived. Please contact us with the details concerning your house plan, and our professional team will do their best to assist you.

How Can I Save Any Plan for Future Visit?

Once you create an account with us online, you can click and add the desired plan to your saved list.

Does This Site Contain Links to Other Websites?

No. Archimple does not contain links to other sites. In this case, you can be tension-free for the security of your personal details shared with our website.