Southern House Style Guides- What You Need To Know & Why?

Southern House Style Guides

Often referred to as the Plantation home style, the name Southern house style is an umbrella term for any of the popular architectural style in the southern part of America. Southern house plans typically range from modern designs to traditional designs with most of the styles including Georgian, Plantation, Coastal, and Southern Country.

Southern houses typically have a large front porch that creates an inviting feel and to accommodate the warm climate of the southern region, these houses are usually spacious with high ceilings and multiple windows to allow for ventilation. Additionally, majority of southern style homes draw their design inspiration from the country house style.

Currently, it is common to find southern architecture in regions like Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, and the Gulf Coast. Our Southern house plans come in variety of style and square footage and available in both one-story and two-story layout.

History of the Southern Style House

Before the start of the civil war in 1861, neoclassical architectural style like the Greek revival, Gothic Revival, Italian, and other Mediterranean style was the go-to house style among homeowners in the Southern region. While European architectural designs were beginning to gain traction in the US, plantation and farm owners in the southern region preferred the southern style for its functionality and practicality.

The large, wrap-around porches provided shelter from the hot southern sun and the large windows allow for ventilation to pass through the home during the cold winter period. Other features like the exterior staircases, hallways, and high ceilings allowed for heat to rise within the home, keeping the living areas cooler.

Furthermore, around 1830 to 1860, there was a sudden change in southern architectural style used on plantations and farms. Over the years, southern architectures blended several European architectural styles with characteristics best suited for the hot southern climate. That is why it is common to find southern houses with raised basements, large wrap-around porches, vaulted ceilings, and large multiple windows.

Types of Southern Style Houses

Variations of Southern floor plans include:

  • Federal house plans
  • Georgian home plans
  • Plantation house plans
  • Southern colonial style house plans
  • Country home plans

Characteristics of the Southern Style House

This style became popular in the 1700s and was common amongst plantation owners. There are many southern homes preserved throughout the South, usually built on large pieces of land. If you want that historic, Southern living look, you can get it by building one of the plans from our collection. Here are some common features you’ll find in these houses:

Exterior Details

Not all Southern home plans are the same due to the amount of styles that are available. Some home exteriors may have wraparound porches whereas others have small entryways with two columns. One plan may have two stories with eaves at several levels, but the other may have an asymmetrical design with a hip roof. Other interesting exterior features may include:

  • Screened porches
  • Pier foundations in coastal design s
  • Grecian-style columns in Georgian plans
  • Center triangular gables
  • Various dormer types
  • Frequently two stories, with a side gabled roof
  • Typically have brick or wood on the exterior

Interior Details

Southern floor plans come in various types from farmhouses to rustic cabins. Therefore, the interiors will vary depending on whether you pick one plan over the other. Some may have formal living and dining spaces whereas others will have no formal areas at all. Certain house plans have hearth rooms, great rooms or both. Other interior features may include:

  • Dual staircases
  • Grand entryways
  • Split bedrooms
  • Sun rooms
  • Elegant foyers

Main Materials of the Southern House Style

Southern houses are typically made from natural materials. It is common to find materials like:

  • Stucco
  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Concrete

Why We Love the Southern House Plan

Whatever the type, characteristics, or design may be, below are some of the reasons why millions of Europeans and Americans love the Southern House plan and style.

Lots of Space

There is no lack of space with a southern style house. Since they typically feature two or even three stories, there are ample of space to spare. In fact, some southern houses are large enough to accommodate house staffs and areas for socialization. So, if you are looking for a house plan that is large enough to accommodate your large family, then the southern style house is your best choice.

Functional Architecture

Southern house style houses have a thing in common— attractive and functional architecture. Southern houses boast of superb exterior and interior architecture filled with natural elements like cedar wood that makes it unique and aesthetically attractive. It is common to find southern houses with tall white columns, large decorated windows, wide front porch, and well-designed entryway.

How Much Does Southern House Style Cost?

On average a Southern house plan can cost around $1000 to $2,500. However, custom plans and blueprints may cost around 5-10 percent of the total home building cost. The average cost to build a southern house style in the US is around $300,000 depending on your home location, customizations, and square footage.

One thing you should know before building one is that a Southern home requires more time and more expensive to build. If you are looking to build a southern home, you should check out some of our southern floor plans and designs here.

Constructing a Southern Home Style

Constructing a Southern home requires the input of a professional architect and builder. When looking to build a Southern home, you may decide to opt for a ready-made floor plan or a fully custom-designed blueprint for your potential home.

The first step to constructing a custom Southern home is to get a comprehensive architectural drawing set. This gives you more insight into the type of materials to be used, accurate dimensions of the floor plans, location of the elements, sections, and other construction-related information.

If you are looking for a comprehensive yet affordable Southern house blueprint or a customizable floor plan, then we at Archimple is here to serve you. We have several Southern house design collections and floor plans. You can check out our Southern home design collection to find out how we can help you achieve your dream home.

You can click the following links to learn more about what consists of our typical plan set and how we work or can be of help to you and your Southern home building project. Remember that your home is not just an investment for the future but a reflection of your personality. So, it is important that you employ the best architectural help to make your dream home a reality.

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Last Updated: Apr 12, 2021

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