Terms And Conditions

Proceed to Checkout after Being Confirmed

Please be sure of the plans and designs that you are selecting. Confirm your order only after being sure of the suitability of the build designs with your demands.

Building Permits & BuildingCodes

To confirm any building construction and design, Archimple Creative designers try to comply with the IRC (International Residential Codes) and the local Building Codes. There can be variance in building codes and additional permits in different cities, municipalities,and countries. If you are building on some areas such as coastal areas, dense snowy areas, disaster-prone areas, you will need build permit must. In a building permit, it may include building, Grading, Architectural, Plumbing, Mechanical& electrical permits. To finalize your order complying with these, you may need a licensed structural engineer to provide the additional changes and calculations. We suggest you checking for and complying with all the recent updated residential building codes and several inspection permitsduring construction. If necessary, you may need to hire a licensed architect or drafters to get the licensed stamp and review the selected plans.

Design & Plan Titles

Archimple Creative Team owns the design details and plans title. When you buy any plan from this site,the Archimple team permits you to use the design for a single individual structure. All the design and build plans of Archimple are protected. You have no right to use these plans for reselling or reusing for other individuals unless it gets the authorization from the Archimple team.