What Gets Included in Your House Plan Set

If this is the question that you are asking yourself over and over again, then look no further. It is a common knowledge that stock house plans varies in quality and in the amount of information it includes. However, every house plan we create consists of a detailed set of information to guide you and your builder through your home building process.
Our house plan set is drafted with the latest international residential code in mind, so you are sure of receiving a house plan set that meets the relevant building codes in your respective municipality. We are also open to creating a custom blueprint that is specifically tailored to answer your home building needs at an affordable price point.
At Archimple, designing well-detailed house plans is what we do and we handle each and every of our client’s house plan designs like we would ours. You can expect to find the following standard elements when you purchase our house plan set. Please note that the images used in the following sections are for illustration purpose only. They do not in any way represent the actual plans you will receive upon purchase.

Detailed Floor Plans

These plans show you and your builder the layout of your potential building structure. It includes all the relevant floor plan drawings and description of all the elements that will be included on each of the floors of the building. You will get detailed dimensions of the homes’ exterior, openings, and interior rooms.

Our detailed floor plans are drawn to 1/4” or 1/8” for each level and it will we account for features like appliances, built-ins, and niches. All windows, partitions, and door will be identified. Typically, the floor plan section will include the specific square footage information.

Foundation Plan

This section covers all the dimensions and areas related to your home foundation layout. Our foundation plan includes references to concrete walls, footings, pads, posts, beams, bearing walls, excavated and unexcavated areas, and foundation notes.

If your plan requires a concrete slab instead of a basement, the plan will reflect the necessary footings and details of the slab. For plans with a basement, additional walls, floor framing, and columns will be included.

Exterior Elevations

The exterior elevations are 2D and 3D drawings that show you how your finished building will appear. Your house plan set will include four exterior elevation drawings of your house—front, rear, right side, and left side. Our house plan places high focus on the cornice details, brick, stone accents, and other important finish elements that make your home stand out. Also, the drawings will cover the exterior materials, height, and details.

Cross Section

The Cross section of a house plan shows the various changes in the floor, ceiling, or roof heights. It also shows the connection between the floors. Our house plan set also features a section of how the stairs are calculated (if there are any), cutaways of the foundation, exterior walls, interior walls, floors, and roof information.

In a nutshell, it shows you the relationship between the ground area to the house and the roof. More importantly, it tells you and your builder the connection between different parts of the house.

Interior Elevation

Our house plan set will reveal the interior elevation of your potential home. It shows the specific details and designs of your home kitchen, utility rooms, toilet, fireplaces, bookcases, built-in units, and other important interior features. Please note that the interior elevation differs based on the complexity of the home design.

Roof Plan

The roof plan explains in details the elements that make up the roof. Our house plan set features roof framing and truss (if any). Our roof plan will also illustrate the ridges, hip, slope direction, materials, and valley are indicated in the plan. It may also cover the gravity loads used to measure the rafters, beam, post and any roof venting needed for your home. Furthermore, our roof plans are drawn to ¼” scale of each level.

Lighting Design

When you order for our house plan set, you will receive a section that covers your potential building lighting layout and design. In this section, you will receive an overlay sheet of the suggested placement of all the necessary lighting fixtures that will be in your building and their wiring.

Additional House Plan Design Service

Aside from our typical house plan set, we also offer several architectural drawings that are only included upon request. Please note that our additional house plan design service can be purchased alone or with our actual set of house plan.

Audio Video Design

The placement of your home audio and video equipment plays a role in the quality of sound that flows through your home. That is why when you purchase our house plan set you will receive an overlay sheet with suggested placement location of your potential audio and video components in your plan. So, if you need any architectural drawings or designs that are not covered under the house plan set, you will need to reach out to us with your specifications.

Right Reading Reverse

It is a common practice for house blueprints to be printed in right reading reverse. What this means is that your floor plan and its layout are flipped from right to left, but you should be able to read all of the dimension text and word correctly. Purchasing a floor plan that is drafted in a right reading reverse mode is quite easy for you and your builder to interprete the house plan while on the jobsite.

When you purchase our house plan set, you may decide to request for a right reading reverse or flip copy of your existing layout. You should discuss your choice before ordering for your blueprint or floor plan.

Plumbing Layout

A plumbing layout or plumbing plan reveals all the necessary information on the plumbing system of your potential home. Having a detailed plumbing layout included in your house floor plan set is important when applying for a permit from your local building department. When you purchase our house plan set, you will receive a detailed overlay sheet that offers suggestion on the various placements of your potential home plumbing pipes and fixtures.

The plumbing layout that will be included in your house plan set will also include line sizes and location, fixture location, isolation valves, storage tank capabilities, hot water heater capacities and location, drain location and routing. You will also receive detailed diagrams of your building water riser, vent lines, and sanitary stacks. If you require any additional information that is not included in the actual house plan set, you should reach out to us for support.

HVAC Layout

If you are like any human being out there in the world, then you will surely understand the importance of having a functioning heat or air conditioning unit in your home. While this is usually not included in our actual floor plan set, you should be able order it is an addition to your original house plan set.

When you purchase this addition, you will receive an overlay sheet that shows the different placement or location of your potential building heating and cooling systems. Please note that the HVAC layout that is included as an addition is dependent on the type of HVAC and the type of building it is to be used. Therefore, HVAC systems for a residential home will be less complex or less expensive when compared to that of a shopping mall.

Furniture Layout

One of the best parts with moving or building a new house is the opportunity to position your home furnitures to your taste. But this can be harder when done without the input of a professional architect or house plan designer. While this is not included when you purchase our house plan set, you can order for it as an addition.

When you order for the furniture layout addition, you will receive an overlay sheet that indicates the placement of the various furnitures across the various floors. It will also include detailed dimensions of the furnitures and any additional notes.

Additional Slab

The type of foundation you choose is dependent on your lot size and the building code of your local municipality. The use of a monolithic or stem-wall slab foundation will also depend on your potential home lot. Monolithic slab foundations are an ideal choice for flat level lot but if there is any form of slope, then a stem-wall slab foundation should be your best choice.

You should remember that additional slab drawings are not included when you purchase our basic house plan set. You will need to reach out to us if you want an additional slab foundation sheet included in your house plan set. Once you order our additional slab foundation, you will receive a sheet that covers the dimensions of the slab, materials to be used, and additional notes.


Quite similar to the stem-wall foundation, the crawlspace foundation is a great idea if you are looking to promote air circulation through your home and for easy access to your home plumbing, electrical, and other utility installation needs. Crawlspace foundations are highly recommended for homes situated in dryer climate.

When you order for our additional crawlspace foundation sheet, you will receive a detailed drawing and dimensions of your potential building crawlspace and any other relevant information.


As you begin the planning process of building your home, you will have to decide on the type and size of basement foundation you will need for your potential building. On average, basements are at least 6 feet, 8 inch high. You will have to choose from a list of basements—full basement, walkout basement, and island basement.

The full basement like its name implies means that the basement fills the entire are underneath the house rather than a section of the home. For homeowners with a steep slope lot, the walkout basement is fast becoming a go-to choice. A walkout basement is a basement with at least one wall at ground level. It allows you to walk out of the lower level into the backyard. This is a good idea if your lot is on a hill or has varying elevations.

You can also choose an Island basement foundation for your building. The Island basement is quite similar to a crawlspace but with a lot more headroom. This is more of an ideal basement foundation for homes built near the shore line of a body of water. These basement foundation plans are offered only an additional service. To receive an additional basement drawing sheet for your home, you will have to reach out to us.

3D Walk-through

Our 360 degree 3D walkthrough video brings your architectural designs to life. You get to see your potential building house plan from room to room, floor to floor, and from anywhere in the world. It helps you visualize how your house plan and potential building will turn out to be. When you request for this additional service, you will receive a 60 seconds 3D walkthrough animation with the rendering for presentation purpose.

Custom Revision

This is most interesting aspect to working with us at Archimple. Unlike other house plan designers and Architects, we offer you the opportunity to customize your new or existing house plan set to suit your building design taste. We can also review and comment on your existing plans, indicate where it may need improvements, and update all of your drawings manually.

Please note that some of the above-listed house plan drawings are not included in our main house plan set offering but come as an additional service. To find out more about our house plan set and additional service, please reach out to us. You may decide to contact us via the support center on our website, mail us at info@archimple.com or walk into our physical office for consultation, project discuss or purchase. Our support team is always on hand to assist you with any of your home design project and concerns.