What Classifies A House Style: What Makes A Modern Home Style?

Modern Home Styles Guide

If you're looking for a modern home with that classic feel, you need to check out Modern home style. These homes are the perfect blend of old and new, with their traditional style and modern amenities. You'll love how these homes look and appreciate their extra space and storage.

When choosing homes based on their architectural styles, there is bound to be confusion. Many of these architectural styles and designs depend solely on geographical locations and climate. And each style comes with its pros, cons, and characteristics that make them unique and distinct from others.

History of the Modern Home Style

The modern architectural style came into existence at the end of the 19th century. With the availability and affordability of steel, material, glass, and concrete, homeowners were willing to replace their old building styles in place of new and modern designs. In 1922, Austrian Architect Rudolph Schindler designed the first modern home in the world. His later project, the Newport Beach house was a major breakthrough in the world of modern architecture.

After the end of the Second World War, architects in the US like Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra made the modern house style a preferred building style choice among highbrow neighborhoods and homeowners.

Common Features of the Modern House Style

One of the most noticeable features of the modern house style is the expressive use of the idea ‘less is more’. Modern house plans and features are built around functionality and form. Below are some features of the modern house style that makes it stand out from others.

Open Floor Plan

Modern houses features an open floor plan that makes it more spacious than it already is. Modern house styles allows for easy movement from one room to the other and efficient use of the living space.

Eco-friendly Materials

Modern houses are big on the use of recycled materials that promote sustainability and energy-saving. It is not uncommon to find the use of metallic glass, reclaimed wood, and other recycled products.

Intriguing Roofline

The roofline of a modern house just like in its counterpart the contemporary style doesn’t follow any specific pattern. Every modern house is unique and creates an appeal by offering a mix of flat, slanted, and textured roofline that includes various forms of geometrical shape to balance the house appearance.

Glass Galore

Modern house style features lots of glasses in its design. From its high-sized floor to ceiling windows to doors, modern home makes use of lots of glass to add to the style aesthetic.

Why is the Modern House Style Trending?

Depending on the type of home you plan on building, the advantages of choosing a modern house design varies. However, regardless of the details, the benefits of building a modern house style are numerous. Below are some of the reasons behind why the modern house style is trending.

Easy to Customize

Since modern homes feature an open floor plan with little use of symmetrical design, it is quite easy to transform or change to suit with your change interior and exterior taste.

With the modern house style, you can customize your home as you see fit. You can do a blend of modernism with a touch of Victorian furnitures while still showcasing your personality. This is due to the versatile nature of the modern house style.


Modern homes tend to focus on sustainability, energy-saving, and the use of recycled or reclaimed materials. The need to increase sustainability in a modern house style extends to its building materials, appliances, energy-saving heating and cooling systems.

Allows for Natural Lightening

This is one of the major reasons why homeowners are opting for the contemporary style over other forms of home architectural designs. Since contemporary house styles are characterized by multiple large windows, the major source of lamination is via natural sunlight which offers multiple health benefits. If you are an individual that values natural lighting over artificial lighting, then the contemporary house style may be the best choice for you. 

Main Materials of the Modern House Style

Modern houses are typically made from local and recyclable materials. Most of the materials used are natural which helps promote sustainability and conserve energy. In a typical modern building structure, it is common to find materials like:

  • Lightwood
  • Stones
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Metal Panels
  • Steel
  • Concrete

Sometimes, modern houses may feature a blend of all these materials. It is important to note that constructing a modern home can be quite expensive when compared to other architectural styles. So, when thinking of building one, you should hire the service of a competent architect with experience in designing modern homes.

How Much Does Modern House Style Cost?

On average a modern house plan can cost around $1600 to $2,500. However, custom plans and blueprints may cost around 5-10 percent of the total home building cost. The average cost to build a modern style house in the US is around $500,000 depending on your home location, customizations, and square footage.

One thing you should know before building one is that a modern style home requires more time and expensive to build. If you are looking to build a modern home, you should check out some of our bungalow floor plans and designs here.

Constructing a Modern Home Style

Constructing a modern style home requires the input of a professional architect and builder. When looking to build a bungalow home, you may decide to opt for a ready-made floor plan or a fully custom-designed blueprint for your potential home.

The first step to constructing a custom modern home is to get a comprehensive architectural drawing set. This gives you more insight into the type of materials to be used, accurate dimensions of the floor plans, location of the elements, sections, and other construction-related information.

If you are looking for a comprehensive yet affordablemodern house blueprint or a customizable floor plan, then we at Archimple is here to serve you. We have several modern house design collections and floor plans. You can check out our modern home design collection to find out how we can help you achieve your dream home.

You can click the following links to learn more about what consists of our typical plan set and how we work or can be of help to you and your bungalow home building project. Remember that your home is not just an investment for the future but a reflection of your personality. So, it is important that you employ the best architectural help to make your dream home a reality.


Modern home style is a great way to make your home look stylish and up-to-date. It is also a great way to save money on your home decorating budget. With a little planning and imagination, you can achieve the modern look you desire without spending much money.

Frequently Asked Question


What is included in a modern home style?

A modern home style can include many different design elements. The most common features are large windows, clean lines, and an open floor plan.

How can I add a modern touch to my home?

There are many easy ways to add a modern touch to your home. One way is to update your hardware and fixtures. Another way is to incorporate new colors or patterns into your space.

What are some of the most popular modern furniture pieces?

Popular modern furniture pieces include sectionals, coffee tables, and dining tables.

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Last Updated: Oct 30, 2022

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