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Have you pictured yourself building your own rustic getaway from all the stress of the city side? Building a log house is a perfect way to achieve your getaway dream. Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of the log house style, it is important that we make clear distinctions when discussing about the idea of the log house style. A log cabin, a log cabin home, wood house, and log house can be used interchangeably when discussing this unique architectural style.

Wood houses in the past were overlooked until the end of the 20th century when people needed a home style that allows them to connect to nature better. From the end of the 20th century, the popularity of the log house grew and adapted into several other architectural designs with presence in both rural areas and within city region.

Log houses as the name implies is majorly built with logs that may appear hewn to other shapes, round, squared, or may be handcrafted. Log cabin homes can span from forest-themed cabin to hunting cabin to modern-designed log homes with state of the art sustainable home appliances and elegant decor.

History of the Log House Style

Construction of the log home style started in North America in the 1600s when a huge population of Swedish settlers brought the log house design from Sweden to America. However, in 1862, the Homestead Act which gave homesteaders the power to own open lands, but required that they cultivate it and build homes at least ten by twelve feet in size, influenced the American version of the log house style.

Also, the availability of timber and lack of restriction in its use made sure that log houses were readily available and easy to build. In fact, in an area with excess timber, a log cabin could be built by the locals within 3-5 days using only a few crude tools. Today, the log house plan is now a preferred choice for American that not only wants to connect to the feeling of the countryside and nature but needs a home that is affordable and easy to build.

Major Types of Log House Styles

While every log cabin home style share one defining element—wood, there are several types of log house styles. The type of log cabin house style you choose will be down to your desired log house plan and construction budget. Below are the major types of wood house styles common in the US and around the world.

1. Full Scribe

The Full Scribe style of log houses is the first and traditional method of building log house around the world. In fact, this was the method introduced by the Swedish settler when they moved to North America. Building the full scribe log house style involves laying log on top another to create a wall-like structure.

Since the full scribe log house style do not feature any wood framing so the logs are easily visible on the interior and exterior. Building a full scribe log style house is very expensive due to the amount of logs need to construct it and the cost of labor.

2. Chink Style

Just like the full scribe style, the chink style is also one of the oldest styles of the log cabin architectural style. Although, in both style, the logs are stacked on top of each other, they are not fitted or joined like their full scribe counterpart. Instead, the gaps between the logs are filled with chinks—a special type of mortar. It is simpler and cheaper to build a chink style of log house when compared to the full scribe type.

More importantly, there are other log home types worthy of mention such as the Timber frame log homes, Post and Beam, Square log cabin, and Hybrid log homes.

Top Characteristics of a Log Style House

Just like any other architectural style, the log cabin style home comes with several noticeable features or characteristics that make them stand out among other house designs. Below is a list of five characteristics of a log style house.

  • One of the most obvious characteristics of a log style home is the use of logs all through the building. However, the choice of log type is dependent on the homeowner and the location of the building. Some homeowners may decide to use a log that resonates with the surrounding environment.
  • Majority of log homes especially in the US feature a fire place to keep the home interior and individuals. The material used in a log cabin home fireplace is usually made from bricks
  • The walls of log cabin home is made from natural woods instead of prefab or plastered materials
  • Most log style homes are typically a one-story high. Although, modern versions tend to feature more than a story and comes with a staircase leading to an attic.
  • They are usually small in size with multiple empty space
  • Features double hung sash windows

Why Do We Love the Log Style House?

Below are several reasons why you should consider owning a log cabin style home. They include:

  • There are tons of styles and designs to choose from. You may decide to stick to the original log house style or blend it with other architectural designs.
  • You can enjoy the rustic appeal it offers
  • Location is no problem when you own a log cabin home. You may decide to construct in the woods, in an area close to the lake, or even in the city.
  • Wood homes are more energy efficient when compared to other home styles. Since they are made from logs, it provides warmth during the cold seasons.

How Much Does Log House Style Cost?

On average drawing a Log Cabin house plan may cost you around $900 to $2,500. The average cost to build a log house style in the US is around $300,000 depending on your home location, customizations, and square footage. If you are looking to build a log style home, you should check out some of our log house floor plans and designs here.

Constructing a Log Home Style

The first step to constructing a custom wood home is to get a comprehensive architectural drawing set. This gives you more insight into the type of materials to be used, accurate dimensions of the floor plans, location of the elements, sections, and other construction-related information.

If you are looking for a comprehensive yet affordable Log house blueprint or a customizable floor plan, then we at Archimple is here to serve you. You can check out our Log home design collection to find out how we can help you achieve your dream home.

You can click the following links to learn more about what consists of our typical plan set and how we work or can be of help to you and your Log cabin home building project. Remember that your home is not just an investment for the future but a reflection of your personality. So, it is important that you employ the best architectural help to make your dream home a reality.

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Last Updated: Jan 07, 2021

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